Passport to Adventure

Passport 2017 an Amazing Success

Every year, Birney Elementary PTA hosts the annual Passport to Adventure Festival. This program highlights Birney's mission to "Think Globally, Learn Locally," by exploring the cultures and traditions of countries around the world. Thanks to the tireless dedication of Naomi Stevens for her incredible leadership.

To see more wonderful pictures of the 2015 Passport to Adventure Festival, see KM Gilley's photoset on Flickr.

All photos this page courtesy of The Leo Loves.

We'd like to thank our 2017 partners:
  • The wonderful DJ Barry Thomas
  • Calpulli Mexihca
  • Guma Imahen TaoTao Tano
  • Island Fire Fitness
  • Naruwan Taiko
  • San Diego Children's Choir
  • San Diego State and Lighting
  • Southern Sea Dragon and Lion Association

  • Food Vendors
  • San Diego State and Lighting
  • Bullseye Kettle Corn
  • Cheesy Amigos
  • Perky Beans Coffee
  • Antonia Mojica Sopes
  • Face Painting

  • Bellus Academy Students
  • Booth Donations:

  • Ethiopian Community Organization
  • Flavors of East Africa
  • Trinity Irvin & Thrivent Financial
  • House of Chamorro
  • House of England
  • Jimmy Carter’s Mexican Cafe
  • Tandoori Hut
  • Southern California Plumeria Society

  • One parent described Passport this way in 2016: "In the middle of the day at Passport, I looked around from my booth and I could see the Ethiopian dancers on stage, the Japanese drummers in the back, and the Indian dancers waiting for their turn in their gorgeous outfits. I could see Ms. Pirouzan animatedly inviting kids to the Germany booth, and I could smell the delicious Argentinian barbecue and see the colorful Vietnamese lanterns bobbing in the wind. 
    This is why we chose Birney, a refreshing antidote to the nonstop anti-immigrant, us vs. them rhetoric. Leading up to Passport, we were worrying about volunteer support and I saw the other side of it: more than a few volunteers insisted on working extra shifts because the kids were having fun and they wanted to let it continue. Our community rallied, took action, and we got to celebrate diversity in the most fun way. Munching on my second helping of Ms. Mindy's delicious kale salad [from the Birney garden], I got a little lump in my throat when a 3rd grader at my 'Me on the Map' booth observed, "Isn't it nice how we start with different houses, even cities or countries, but we're all part of the same planet?"

    Thank you all for dedicating your time and art to our school and community!